design & event

Client: Public School
Location: Rapallo, Genoa
Year: 2019
Program: education, public space
With: Chiara Rolandi (promoter), plug_in (coordination), Artiva (logo design)

#bibliocicletta01 is a “talking” mobile library that spreads knowledge through books and audio.


Its voice is the kind gift from all the pupils of the Marconi school – Rapallo-Zoagli Comprehensive Institute, for one of their classmates, a little boy who can’t read because of his sight issue.

Through this project, we aim to sensitize adults and children to the importance of lending a voice for this cause, by helping those little friends who are not able to see and so to read. A small mobile library that allows everyone to take books for free-reading, to donate the voice by reading one of them, or just to LISTEN!

bibliocicletta01 is a wooden piece of furniture, born to live outside and to run all day long on the streets of our cities.

Its heart is made by books and audio speakers, it’s skin is a dynamic set of both tactile and visual messages thanks to the 3D representation of the Braille alphabet that identifies immediately its purpose and transforms the entire device into a bookshelf when needed.

Designed for standard bike trolleys, it turns them into a portable library that allows a great amount of cultural pop-up events to happen.

It’s simple, isn’t it?

Lastly, one more thing…this is what bibliociletta01 asks you all:

listen, stop by, and give your voice!



what they say about #bibliocicletta01:

“In questi posti davanti al mare, come canterebbero Fossati, De André e De Gregori, succedono cose piccole ma belle come questo progetto di bicicletta servoassistita (elettrica) che traina una piccola biblioteca. […]”