About Us

LINEARAMA founders architects - Gabriele Molfetta, Selene Vacchelli
LINEARAMA founders architects – Gabriele Molfetta, Selene Vacchelli

Selene Vacchelli

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She studied and concluded her five-year study cycle in Architecture at the University of Genoa in 2011, graduating, with honors, with a research project on public space in the suburbs. Registered at Genoa Board of Architects since 2013, she works in Italy at professional practices as a freelance. Back in Italy, from a one-year experience in Toronto, she attended a Master in Management of Museum Heritage, where she acquired expertise in management and enhancement of artistic heritage.

Gabriele Molfetta

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He obtained, with honors, his Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Genoa in 2011 with a thesis, finalist at Archiprix International 2013, and exhibited in 10 Universities between USA, Chile, and Mexico, on birth and evolution of spontaneous urban centers. In ’06/’07, he attended the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Valladolid, and he reached the 2nd level Master’s Degree at the European University of Rome in 2013. He has carried out the profession since 2011, collaborating with several studies in Milan and Genoa.

Who We are

LINEARAMA is a creative hub where different interests come together to bring ideas to life; it is an architecture, design, and research lab, as well as the effort of two Italian architects, Gabriele Molfetta and Selene Vacchelli, who provide their own artistic and technical capabilities for the planning and execution of projects and professional advice.

LINEARAMA, through the intersection of different attitudes and qualities, reaches a unique vision that encompasses many perspectives of the design process or, in general, of the design culture.

LINEARAMA researches and uses a representation method that, true to its name, aims to experience the effectiveness of simple images as tools and vehicles for concepts, ideas, and visions that should always be widely interpreted.

LINEARAMA comes to life in a specific historical context where architecture often finds its “reason for being” in representation. The overuse of visual mediums without clear theoretical support can detract from the essence of a project, and the rampant glamorization of images can divert ideas from their possible real-world counterparts. This glamorization, in a positive sense, is always supported by the same quality and attention throughout the entire design process and not just during the construction of an image. It is the suitable language for architectural storytelling, through which it can draw its effectiveness and charm and can make possible what still doesn’t exist.
The overstated realization of contemporary hyper-realistic images often brings the opposite result and quite often ends in a self-representative, sterile, and lifeless frame. As digital natives, our approach to tech tools is always oriented towards genuine and authentic communication of projects. Glamorization commensurate with narration, representation not as a purpose but just as a medium. To imagine means describing visions; in other words, it is to provide proposals for a probable future.

LINEARAMA pursues the re-appropriation of imagination, researching its representation essence, conscious that architecture doesn’t have the power to solve problems but has the duty to provide valid answers to specific needs.

LINEARAMA was established in Genoa in 2014.

Awards & Achievements

  • Gino – Exhibition at Unfolding Pavilion – 16th Architecture Biennale
  • Procopia: a fragile landscape exhibited at Antilia Gallery – Le Città Invisibili by Calvino
  • La Favorita School, Corbetta Milanese – 3rd Prize with the project: La Favorita
  • AAA Architetticercasi™, Pescara – 1st Prize with the project: Epiciclo
  • ARCHIPRIX 13 international, Moskow – Finalist with the project: centrl©ities
  • ARCHIPRIX Italy – Finalist with the project: Pegli 3
  • A monument to the terrorism Victims, Genoa – Runner up with the project: Regenera[c]tion
  • IaaC | SELF SUFFICIENT CITY, Barcelona – Honorable Mention with the project: 0kWh City