Auto-aggregative Housing System

Client: School of Architecture, Genoa University
Location: Genoa, Italy
Year: 2011
Program: Master’s degree project in Architecture
With: Prof. Arch. Giovanni Galli

Central©ities means imagining different types of houses, different ways of living and designing the world around us. Ultimately it becomes the search for a methodology to provide a structure that surpasses the concept of modern urbanism in favour of principles of freedom and self-determination.

Central©ities is first and foremost a system, then a city, and finally – primarily – a living cell. It is a vision of a possible future as well as the memory of an archaic past: a scientifc experiment and a mathematical model, the verifcation of a hypothesis and the aesthetic translation of a numerical language.

Central©ities arises from a single living cell, the synthesis of principles and necessities of contemporary living: a minimalist house not a small-scale one, but rather a device finalized and enclosed within itself, as a single dwelling or as complex multicellular aggregates in which the cyclic selfsimilarity of its evolution invades the frontiers of fractal geometry. It presents recursion as an expression of human habits, randomness as an identifcation of free will, and a few simple rules as tools for shape control.

This is SiSmAA, the algorithm designed to simulate, understand, monitor, and make Central©ities real. It is a model generated to demonstrate how the persistent search for a forthcoming ‘postulate’ of humanity – also provided by the imagination of writers, designers, programmers and architects – could find validation in a society that aspires to a necessary Utopia.

If, as argued by Lewis Mumford, “the will-to-Utopia causes men to live in two worlds, and (…) therefore we re-read the Story of Utopias [as] the other half of the Story of Mankind”, Central©ities is the image of the world for which human beings strive, and also a metaphor of the real world in which they live.
Central©ities crystallizes an idea and shows its innermost aspects.

Notable achievements:

Finalist at Archiprix International 2013
Exhibited at Moscow Centre of Artist May 2013

Published on Archiprix 2013 – Mockba
Hunter Douglass Awards – World’s Best Graduation Projects, nai010 publishers, 2013

Exhibited at d3 Housing Tomorrow 2013
University of Houston, Texas, March-April 2013

Exhibited at Talleralcubo Expo 2013
10 Schools of Architecture in Chile and Mexico
October-January 2013

Published on GhOP – Glass hOuse Project