Architectural competition

Client: AAA architetticercasi™
Location: Pescara, Italy
Year: 2015
Program: residential, services, entertainment
With: Davide Ventura, CIRCOLO-A

EPICICLO means centrality, discovery and meeting, held by a ring open to the outside and comfortable in its inside. It enhances an equipped verdant island different from the outer vegetation in which the building finds its right place.

It alternates open and closed spaces, public (distribution) and private ones (homes), spots of community life and moments of privacy. It’s the junction between cultures and different way of living, youth and wisdom, wild nature and human activities.

EPICICLO materialises, into the contemporary Zeitgeist, the main assumption of the Modern Movement : ” the machine for living in”.

Far from the unsuccessful proposition of Modernism that missed the realisation of it’s saving mission not providing all the complementary services that every citizen claim for, EPICICLO builds its complex system around the public space introducing the idea of the “discovery beyond the corner”, according to which everyone can experience a micro-world populated by children and young people, teachers and students, sportsmen, artists and craftsmen, professionals and retirees.
All the living dwelling frames the live swarming of public interactions, alternating houses, social activities and events. Conventional houses have been characterised by winter gardens that, through the facade drawing back, can reach a natural climate regulation. Along with them, social and student houses propose themselves as statement of the contemporary living with their shared living-room as driving force of all the social dynamics.

EPICICLO is a small and bustling urban center, sized as a building, it’s a complex space with a green heart and a free spirit.