La Favorita

Architectural competition

Client: Corbetta Municipality
Location: Corbetta, Italy
Year: 2018
Program: School, Cultural centre
With: MARSS AA, Arch. Domenico Conaci

Our design aim is clear: the current school cannot be adapted to a new one, but it can certainly become its birth element by turning its own function into a civic center.

According to the typological characters and the plan of the context (buildings in cortina_corte), the new school represents the new core of the entire area.

The building identifies the new entrances to the exterior but protected areas of the school. This decrease in protection highlights the changing of functionality that allows an all-day experience of the school.

Inside the complex, children, families, tourists, students from other schools, or citizens in general, can find socializing spaces characterized by verdant and flourishing gardens. According to a ” pedagogical ” vision, this integration between inner and outer areas defines an environment that encourages children’s interaction with the surrounding space according to a “pedagogical” idea. Nothing is left to chance: from the distribution of the teaching areas to the choice of construction materials.