Kids in the City

Ideas for a multifunctional area

Client: Educational Dept. of Palazzo Ducale
Location: Genoa, Italy
Year: 2018
Program: Outfitting

Proposal for the outfitting of Kids in the City multifunctional area, mostly available for kids. As part of one of the most important buildings in Genoa, this simple but versatile structure, entirely made by painted metal, is composed of a squared light frame filled with a preformed perforated sheet.

This module becomes the main infrastructure useful to hold together all the other accessories that can provide support for different function according to their assembly. Clamps, planks, hooks, boxes, paper roll, paper sheets, ropes, folding chairs, mixed together to design a changing abacus of possibilities.

It’s a plain blank canvas where to outfit exhibiting, didactic and entertaining activities.
It’s an out-scaled boardgame for both kids and adults.

The outfit is completed with a set of white and quite transparent textile diaphragms hung vertically to compose a three-dimensional screen suitable for a no-stop visual projection.