El todo es màs que la suma de sus partes

Architectural competition

Client: Reinosa Municipality
Location: Reinosa, Spain
Year: 2013
Program: public space, cultural centre
With: gosplan

The new Reinosa cultural centre is the representation of the continuity through perspective.

Each room is a stage where community life express its industriousness and its culture.The big rectangular frames focus on each scene and, sorting them into a sequence, they offer a synoptic and representative image of the entire community.
The “abacus plan” is simply the narration of a free script, which includes open and multiple scenarios. Architecture must react to the loss of the sense of community, offering new and contemporary alternatives, through which can be taken open, dynamic and non-hierarchical relationships.

The aim of the project is to reach the social cohesion within an open space that can allow continuous exchanges.
Living in an era full of innovative devices that can amplify communications, often replacing the opportunities of establishing physical ones, the role of Architecture is to define a material space for an immediate and direct interaction between human beings.

This is what a civic centre should be.