Lupi di Toscana

Architectural competition

Client: Florence Municipality
Location: Florence, Italy
Year: 2016
Program: residential, commercial, public space
With: MARSS AA, Arch. Domenico Conaci, Arch. Gabriele Filippi

The obsolescence of military buildings and their strong functional connotation, that badly lends itself to a natural residential conversion, lead to demolition, while conservation is foreseen for the main building under protection.



All new buildings are made on traces of demolished volumes.

From a morphological point of view, the invaluable barrier that currently surrounds the area is demolished by opening both spaces and visuals connecting the inner area to its surroundings: the old layout of the perimeter is preserved and replaced thanks to the realisation of a service road to new established residences.

The central area is enhanced by maintaining a designed greenery: trees are bulked while the green carpet, trails and water are redesigned.

All the new buildings have a simple and compact volume that evolve itself by the interaction of small subtractions and / or volumetric additions: the presence of loggias, small compartments and recesses improve the compositional quality of the entire set.